We and I Art | Haziq Izmi
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Haziq Izmi

About This Artist

Born on 09 Oct 1987, Haziq has loved animals from very
young. Lacking in speech, he learnt to express his passion
through drawings. Animals are the the main subject of his
paintings. He often paints eyes prominently as if to help tell
a story. To date Haziq has included landscape and nature as
subjects and choses sunsets as his favoured time of day.


He has participated in exhibitions such as below;
– Nukilan Jiwa Very Special Arts 2015 & 2012 in Menara
– Rhythm of Colors Exhibition at The Ledge 2014
– Matrade In-Trade Living Expo 2013 & 2014
– Opening ofnYayasan Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tunku Bainun in
– Hearts of Gold Ambank and G.O.L.D Fashion Show where
his bird sketches were featured on exclusive silk batik
kaftans under the label iKarrtini.


Haziq’s paintings have also been produced on batik silk

scarves in collaboration with Pink Jambu and sold in YTL-
owned hotels in the country.

His interests includes creating polymer clay gurines and
reading encyclopaedias on animals thus his amazing
knowledge of the animal kingdom.
He has been under the tutelage of renowned local artist,
Raja Azhar Idris, since January 2014.



Get in touch.

Roshimah Ghani
+6 012 289 1882