We and I Art | Yuri Azzari
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Yuri Azzari

About This Artist

was born on the 25th of Dec 1990 and the eldest of 5
siblings. At the age of 2 ,Yuri was diagnosed with
Autism .


However , since an early age the moment Yuri was
able to hold a pencil he would draw profusely, his
subjects would vary from buildings to animals and
anything that catches his eye. His drawings tend to be
very detailed and have distinctive lines.


In 2010 ,Yuri was fortunate to have met with well
known Malaysian artist Raja Azhar Idris ,who has
mentored and guided him. Raja introduced him to new
forms of painting techniques and subject matters. Raja
also introduced Yuri to the concept of abstract art
which he has been delving in.


Yuri’s exuberance in his paintings can be seen through
his use of bright and strong colours . In 2011, an
exhibition was held at Raja’s Case Gallery where
almost all of his sketches and paintings were sold. Yuri
also participated in Maybank’s Nukilan Jiwa Exhibition
in 2012 and 2015 at Menara Maybank.


Get in touch.

Daddy +6 017 328 5155
Mummy +6 012 217 7798